When running, I like to use the Android App CardioTrainer on my G1 phone. It keeps track of the distance I’ve run and the time, but what I really find useful is the “voice prompt” feature that uses a synthesized voice every minute that tells me the current distance time and pace of my run. This feature makes it easy to follow the clock so that I can change from running and walking at the right time.

The app also has music integration so that I can listen while I run. This feature works less well, but it seems to be a shortcoming of the phone hardware rather than the app. When the app is running (querying the GPS for my position every second, playing the voice prompts etc.) the music sometimes breaks up. This state will sometimes persist for as long as 20 seconds and is very annoying. It seems that there isn’t enough CPU to do everything at once. This problem exists whether I’m using the apps built in music integration, or playing music in the background. It’s possible that they will make the app efficient with future updates, but there is a limit to what they can accomplish.


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